Broiled Monchong: It’s time to give tuna and salmon a break


It’s so easy to hastily pick up a tray of tuna or salmon at the market. But take a careful look around next time. If you see some light pink fresh monchong fillets, consider giving them a try!

While not the prettiest fish in the sea compared to ocean dwellers such as mahimahi and onaga, monchong can certainly hold its own in terms of flavor and texture.

Here are what the fillets look like when you buy them.

Monchong Fillets

It’s a super simple preparation – marinate the monchong fillets in a bowl with about a cup of vegetable oil, a couple cloves of minced garlic, salt and pepper. Let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Monchong Marinating

Broil the fish for about 5 minutes flipping once half way through. It cooks really fast so don’t step away for too long.


We had our broiled monchong with some of these yaki onigiri.

Yaki Onigiri

These “grilled” rice balls with soy sauce were pretty good. They come frozen and you actually heat them up in the microwave for a couple minutes. The shoyu flavor is subtle and adds a nice salty flavor to the musubi.

This was a really fast and light dinner…and if your taste buds are anything like mine, they will thank you for the change in pace!

Yaki Onigiri

17 comments   -   May 29, 2008

1 sharon { 05.30.08 at 6:30 am }

I definitely need to get better with branching out to other types of fish. I’d love to give this one a try. I’ll look for it at the fish market. In terms of taste, does it have a strong, distinctive one?

2 noble pig { 05.30.08 at 7:00 am }

Hey I learned something new today! I have never heard of this fish. I’ll have to ask my fish monger if he has or can get it! Thanks Lori!

3 kat { 05.30.08 at 2:04 pm }


4 Lori { 05.30.08 at 3:33 pm }

Hi sharon,
The taste is pretty mild, not as fishy as say salmon or tuna. But since it’s an oily fish, it stays nice and moist. It kind of reminds me of a mahimahi or maybe swordfish type taste/texture.

Hi noble pig,
Hope you can find it! :)

Hi kat,
Yummy is right! I love it because it stays so moist…and with that garlic oil on top – mmmmm. 😉

5 White On Rice Couple { 05.30.08 at 6:35 pm }

I’ve never heard of this beautiful fish before. Thanks so much for the lesson! Mmm….

6 Elle { 05.31.08 at 6:02 am }

Thanks for the head’s up! I’ll try to see if I can find this.

7 Lori { 05.31.08 at 10:39 am }

Hi Elle and White on Rice Couple,
You’re welcome…have a great weekend! 😉

8 Karla { 05.31.08 at 5:12 pm }

We just found this fish for the first time this week at our Minneapolis fishmonger. He gave us a small piece just to try, since we hadn’t heard of it before. We topped it with a little fresh black pepper and pan seared it with grapeseed oil until done (maybe 4 minutes). Flavor was excellent, somewhere between whitefish and tuna. I would definitely purchase in the future for an easy, tasty, and healthy meal.

9 Lori { 06.01.08 at 9:46 am }

Hi Karla,
That’s great that you could find it in Minneapolis!

10 Kevin { 06.01.08 at 11:16 am }

I have never had monchong. It looks pretty good!

11 Lori { 06.02.08 at 12:35 am }

Hi Kevin,
From the types of dishes that you make, I have a feeling you’d like it.

12 rowena { 06.02.08 at 12:58 pm }

Oh boy…monchong. When was the last time I had that? Waaaay to long!! I’ve never seen those grilled rice balls either. Heat them up in a microwave?!? The islands are moving forward and leaving me behind!!!! 😆

13 Susie { 06.19.09 at 4:59 am }

Just starting to eat fish. I like tuna, and salmon and anything like a cod. Had Monchong fish at Devons seafood grill and it was best fish I have ever eaten. One of the best mealsI have ever had. I really liked the taste and texture and of course their preparation!! The other 3 that I had dinner with eat alot of fish
and agreed it was great!!

14 Tara { 06.24.09 at 8:26 pm }

We had Monchong on the first week of our honeymoon on the Big Island. We cooked it in tinfoil on a grill with soy sauce and fresh garlic. It was delicious! We bought it again on Kauai and are going to try it with butter and garlic on the grill. Can’t wait to eat it!

15 Gene { 09.01.09 at 7:32 am }

Monchong blackened at Bob Chin’s in Wheeling, IL (Chicago sub) is the best fish I ever had. It was so good I went home and special ordered some from the internet. I full finned fish in dry ice arrived a few day later. Of course I couldn’t cook it as well as Bob’s.
The second best fish I ever tasted was smoken sturgeon up in Oregon just north of Portland. Man was it good.

16 HealthJunkie { 02.01.10 at 1:24 pm }

Wow. You have really great resources for readers on the different types of fish available. I live in landlocked tennessee, so I don’t get too much variety.

17 Matt { 04.13.10 at 4:43 pm }

Had monchong on the island of Kauai in March and I must say it was VERY TASTY. I even bought a filet and grilled it a few days later and it was delicious. It is a must try.

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