Aloha and welcome to Made Healthier! This food blog features a collection of my personal recipes that I enjoy eating at home. All of the recipes here are easy to cook and have been made healthier while still keeping lots of taste. Along the way you may see me out and about eating not quite as healthy. But the way I figure it is that if I eat healthy on most nights of the week, I can splurge on plate lunches, Japanese teishokus, and delicious desserts on the other nights. Anyway, that’s my logic.

A little info on me…

I have lived in Hawaii my entire life but enjoy traveling very much. Basically if it’s scenic and snows there, it’s on my wish list of places to go to. My favorite winter destinations so far have been Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Canada. When I’m not at work or traveling, look for me on the beach. You will most likely find me there with a fishing pole in hand…and with any luck a fish in the cooler.

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